International babysitters for international families

Näpp is a community platform offering:

  • Reliable & multilingual babysitters
  • Experience verified via personal interview
  • Reference-Checked
  • Immediate availability
  • Easy & direct access to personal support

Our Caring Näppsitters

Based in Utrecht
English (native speaker)
3+ years of experience
Based in Amsterdam
German, English and Dutch
3+ years of experience
Based in Maastricht
French, English and Dutch
3+ years of experience
Based in Rotterdam
English, Spanish and Portuguese
3+ years of experience

How does it work?

1. Create your Family Profile

After creating your profile, you can browse our community of trusted Näppsitters. You can filter based on language and skills to ease your search.

2. Become a Member for 20€/month

After becoming a member you can connect with the profile(s) that fit your needs through the direct messaging function.

3. Book your perfect Näppsitter

Your Näppsitter will confirm their availability and you can complete the booking process. Although all Näppsitters are certified by us, your family needs are unique, so we recommend having a video call or coffee meeting as a first introduction.

4. Relax and Enjoy peace of mind

With Näppsitters, you can trust that your child is in the care of someone who understands them, giving you freedom, comfort, and support!

Our Services

Match Yourself

Find your perfect babysitter and connect today through our platform!

Personalized Matching

Too busy to browse, we got you! This option is tailored to your needs – book a short call with our Näpp Founders and tell us what your family is looking for. We will personally connect you with a Näppsitter fitting your family’s needs.

Relocation Packages

Will you be soon moving to the Netherlands and would like to have immediate support for your family? Näpp has a customized relocation service where you will be offered a Näppsitter perfectly fitted to your needs – and most importantly, speaking your kids’ language! The Näppsitter will be prepared for your arrival, knowing your neighborhood, the closest playgrounds, and the most child-friendly restaurants. We assure you that you can arrive with the comfort of knowing that someone you can trust will take care of your kids while you settle into your new home.

"Awesome service. Our three-year-old daughter now speaks two languages fluently, one thanks to our indispensable nanny/sitter/caretaker (and her mommy) in the Netherlands. Highly recommend their matching service which is of superb quality and at great cost considering the care and responsibility received. You do want to leave your loved one in the hands of someone you can really trust and depend on, that’s Napp for us"


"Everything worked so smoothly! This really made our busy year much easier."


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We exist to provide a safe, positive, and reassuring environment for international families, knowing that their kids are in the hands of someone who understands them. Families can find a trusted Näppsitter who engages with the children at a lingual level of the family’s choice.

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