Näpp is here to help you find the fitting Näppsitter to your family. We have created different filters you can use as your help while looking for the Näppsitter, most important of them is, of course, the language filter, when the whole focus of Näpp it to create the connectivity through languages.

You can scroll through the babysitters and see all of them without creating an account, but if you want to contact them, you have to create an account and pay the subscription fee, which is 10€ for 30 days. All the Näppsitter profiles have been checked by the Näpp-team and the people who have confirmed their identity have a green check mark on their profile.

After you have connected with your Näppsitter, you are free to arrange a meeting for an interview or book them right away to babysit your children. You will pay the babysitter after the babysitting is done, either with cash or online bank. The Näppsitters will also be reviewed by parents after the babysitting, so please remember to leave your review too, this will help the future parents, and the Näppsitters themselves.

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