Calling to all babysitters in the Netherlands! How awesome would it be to find a job in the Netherlands, where you could speak your mother tongue? And what if speaking your native language would be the whole core value of the work? With Näpp that is exactly what you can do! We want to connect you with families who share the same cultural background as you.

As babysitters of Näpp, we have a special name for you: Näppsitters. The most important quality of a Näppsitter is that she or he really truly loves to work with children. We value people who want to teach and share their culture with kids. Besides that, you have to be at least 18-year-old and you have to be able to prove your identity with an online bank which is on your name. You are someone who doesn’t only love kids, you are in touch with your own culture and language, and understand your importance in the development of children living abroad. You are that crucial touch point to their home culture that will allow them to develop their own cultural identity, grow up successfully multilingual, and enjoy a happy and healthy childhood while living abroad.

If you want to become a Näppsitter, the first step is to create an account and after that, you should fill in your Näpplication, which will be shown to the parents. In Näpplication you tell more about yourself, your experience and skills, and your availability for babysitting. Remember to confirm your identity by following the instructions we give to you!

After the Näpplication is done, the parents will be able to see your profile and find you by using filters. You just have to relax and wait, the parents will contact you if they want you to be their Näppsitter!

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