What is Näpp?

At Näpp, we want to…

connect international families with international babysitters. This means matching babysitters and kids whose origins are rooted in the same culture and language.

build a community of multicultural families with the same goal: to raise bilingual children who speak their mother tongue fluently.

…and finally, to support happy, confident children. These kids know where they come from, but are also able to connect to the culture and language of the country they live in.

The History of Näpp

Näpp is a young platform company that was founded by Loviisa Vähävuori. Loviisa is a 26-year-old Creative Business student from Finland and living in Utrecht. She has a passion for children, culture, and connection. Traveling around and living in different countries and cultures, she took different babysitting jobs along the way. Loviisa noticed that the cultural connection to home is important to the development of children and their families while living abroad.

Additionally, the cultural connection she felt when babysitting kids from her home country was unmatched. What if there was a service that would match international babysitters with international families? This would mean that the parents, the babysitters, and most of all, the children could form a cultural touch-point while living abroad.

Consequently, to accomplish this vision, Loviisa started Näpp. At Näpp, our number one focus is to match babysitters living abroad with families from their home country, and vice versa. We hope to play our part in creating a happy and healthy home environment. In this environment, a cultural connection can be fostered in a natural way. We regard everyone in our Näpp community as one big family that emanates what we like to refer to as “Näpp-culture”. This means slightly different things to different people, but in the end all comes down to connection, inclusion, and empowerment.

We hope to take you along on our journey, and of course we hope to help you find your perfect cultural match.