Match with a babysitter who speaks the language of your kids

Hi, we are Melanie and Loviisa, the founders of Näpp, and we know that being an international parent can be a challenge. You might struggle with:

  • Lack of support system
  • Finding it difficult and time-consuming to find a reliable babysitter
  • Fear of your child being misunderstood

Let us connect you with an experienced babysitter who speaks the language of your kids!

Our Promise


We personally connect you with a babysitter who speaks the language of your kids


Trusted and experienced babysitters, interviewed by one of the founders


Available for your family for at least 6 months


Access our platform with booking tools and backup Näppsitter program


A match guarantee with ongoing personalized support!

Time to find your perfect match!

Our lovely Näppsitters


Based in Utrecht       English (native speaker)  3+ years of experience


Based in Amsterdam German, English and Dutch 3+ years of experience


Based in Maastricht French, English and Dutch 3+ years of experience


Based in Rotterdam English, Spanish, and Portuguese                        3+ years of experience

"We are so grateful to have had Fallon for 1 day and a half! Our kids were very happy with her. We were attending a conference in Amsterdam and she totally saved my life. So sweet and active, eager to show my kids around the city too (my kids are teenagers), they played cards, played with the frisbee at the park, talked about things. Super nice experience! Thanks Fallon!"

Cristina, parent

"Irene is a dream sitter! she connected with our children immediately and they adore her. She’s calm and thoughtful and knows how to manage them really well. I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat."

Alvaro, parent

"I would always recommend Näpp to anybody looking for a babysitter. The fact that our babysitter speaks German and helps to expose our son to the German language after going to Dutch daycare is a plus and the perfect match for us."

Jessi, parent

“Hiring a Finnish babysitter when our daughter was 9 months old has been one of our best decisions. Now, our three-year-old toddler understands Finnish and speaks it when necessary, even though Dutch is her main language. The babysitter has a strong connection with our toddler and they have completely their “own thing” going on.”

Satu, parent
We exist to provide a safe, positive, and reassuring environment for international families, knowing that their kids are in the hands of someone who understands them. Families can find a trusted Näppsitter who engages with the children at a lingual and cultural level of the family’s choice.
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