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Why not offer a Näpp subscription or reimburse babysitting hours as part of your employee benefit package? We will work with your families one to one and act as their personal support, helping them find babysitters in their area. Once they are connected, have met and feel comfortable with their chosen Näppsitter, our platform offers flexibility and convenience, making it easy for parents to book their preferred babysitter when they need them again. Also, we can support last-minute requests, which can happen while working on complex projects or if their booked babysitter gets sick.

For Global Mobility Teams & Relocation Services

Näpp offers uniquely curated programs for new families moving to the Netherlands. Our  relocation packages help new families to have a soft landing in their new homes by connecting them with an experienced Näppsitter. The Näppsitter will be prepared for the family’s arrival, knowing their neighborhood, the closest playgrounds, and the most child-friendly restaurants. The aim is to provide a Home away from Home feeling, allowing the parents to focus on all the necessary processes to settling into their new home.

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Based in Utrecht
English (native speaker)
3+ years of experience
Based in Amsterdam
German, English and Dutch
3+ years of experience
Based in Maastricht
French, English and Dutch
3+ years of experience
Based in Rotterdam
English, Spanish and Portuguese
3+ years of experience


Package Prices are provided after an initial understanding of your companies or family requirements. Connect with us on a 15-minute introduction call and share your specific needs. We will then prepare a proposal and work with you to find the best solution for your company and workforce!

"Awesome service. Our three-year-old daughter now speaks two languages fluently, one thanks to our indispensable nanny/sitter/caretaker (and her mommy) in the Netherlands. Highly recommend their matching service which is of superb quality and at great cost considering the care and responsibility received. You do want to leave your loved one in the hands of someone you can really trust and depend on, that’s Napp for us"


"Everything worked so smoothly! This really made our busy year much easier."


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babysitting family?

We exist to provide a safe, positive, and reassuring environment for international families, knowing that their kids are in the hands of someone who understands them. Families can find a trusted Näppsitter who engages with the children at a lingual level of the family’s choice.

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