Book a Näppsitter and head to the restaurant!

What better way to enjoy some me/us time than to book a Näppsitter and head to a restaurant in Amsterdam? We are back with another list of restaurants that will surely make your day. This time the focus will be more on when you have some time to spend with your partner and want to grab something to eat. What other city has an abundance of restaurants than Amsterdam! Check out which restaurants we recommend to you go. You will definitely love them!

The Breakfast Club

Have you ever been to a restaurant and saw that breakfast is only served until 11 AM? With 5 locations, the Breakfast Club is a restaurant in Amsterdam where you can enjoy breakfast or lunch all day! To add to that, the meals that you can get here are from Mexico-city, London and New York. That sounds pretty great right?! They also organize events every now and then, and again, that is amazing! Pro tip: try the Pumpkin bread!  

Little Collins

You can find two of these restaurants in de Pijp and in Oud-West. This restaurant offers a menu that has a fresh take on classic dishes from all over the world with seasonally inspired ingredients. Drinking freshly ground white label coffee on the terrace on a sunny day or having dinner will give you a cozy homely feeling!

Sapporo Ramen SORA

This little Ramen restaurant is arguably one of the best places to eat ramen in The Netherlands. The owner was born and raised in Sapporo, Japan and pursued his dream as a French cuisine chef in several cities. They import their noodles straight from Sapporo and make every ramen dish in their restaurant in Amsterdam in the most authentically Japanese way. Feel like going to Japan, but can’t go? Come to SORA and experience the Ramen in a Japanese setting!


Opened their doors more than 30 years ago, this Italian restaurant has been through some hard times. However, they have proven themselves time after time that they are exactly where they are supposed to be. In fact, with everything that happened in the past years they have printed their stories on the placemats. If you have not made dinner plans yet, you should definitely make a reservation here for good traditional Italian food with solid stories about how the restaurant came to be!

Délirium café

Do you like beer? Then you should check out the biggest craft beer bar Delirium café for sure! With over 500 bottled beers all available for the taken and 20 craft beers on draft, this is a beer lover’s heaven. It is about a 10-minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station by the water. You can enjoy various kinds of food here ranging from burgers to a vegetarian lasagne. You can sit outside and have an amazing view of the IJ river, or you can sit inside and admire the good music and amazing decorations. Feel like good food and beer? Be on the lookout for the pink elephant!

Seafood bar

Do not let the name fool you as this is a modern seafood restaurant that offers the freshest range of seafood. The owner Fons de Visscher was a respected fishmonger in Helmond. He opened the seafood bar from his passion for seafood and wine. When entering the restaurants, you will see that the restaurant is well lighted and has luxurious interior design. With an open kitchen, you can see all of the seafood that they prepare for you and the staff is very friendly! How they present the food is a piece of art! Ah, and don’t forget to wear a bib when eating the crab!


Used to be an old tram station, the foodhallen is literally a huge hall full of restaurants and food trucks. They curate unique food from various cities all around the world and are always looking to give the cuisines an international platform. When entering the foodhallen, it is like you have entered a food festival. The amount of choice you have here is unbelievable and everything will make your mouth water. Next to that, you can go to the movies here or do some nice shopping!


This restaurant in Amsterdam roughly translates to “pllace”, and wants to inspire people to introduce themselves to other cultures and insights. You can enjoy live music from all over the world, see internationals film, do Yoga, admire artwork from various artists and much more! They even organize mini-festivals and have their own beach! Their menu is 75% vegetarian and 25% vegan because they love vegetables and they love animals. This is a great “Pllace” to relax or to really have fun! When the sun is shining, it is like you are on a beach vacation!


Feeling fancy? If you have not gone to the Rijks museum yet, this would be a good reason to go. After admiring some exquisite pieces of art, you can go to the Michelin star restaurant Rijks. enjoy the magic that chef Joris Bijdendijk cooks up in the kitchen. The food is called “Low food” as a nod to the Netherlands being a country that is below sea level. The dishes are inspired by traditional Dutch meals, but with a fresh twist to them.

Deer Mama

This is an all vegan restaurant. The food that they serve here is so good, you seriously have no idea that what you are eating is not meat. If you want to lay off the meat and dairy but find it hard to find something satisfying, then this is the perfect place. The interior is minimalistic but intriguing at the same time as the paintings, pictures and plants will catch your attention. It is like going your taking your partner out on a date in an American diner! Definitely a must see!