Playgrounds in Utrecht

As part of our new blog series, we cover different kid-friendly amenities such as playgrounds in Utrecht, as well as restaurants, and stores. In our last blogpost of the series, we focused on some of our favourite kid-friendly restaurants in Utrecht, and now we will turn to our favourite playgrounds in our beautiful city. We hope that if you’re new to Utrecht in which we (Näpp) are based, this will be a helpful guide to navigating the city with kids.

Playgrounds are always a hit with kids, and Utrecht has many surprising options that are fun, safe, and unique for you to visit with your Näppsitting kids (or if you’re a parent…just your kids!). However, it can be a bit hard to find one that is close to you, or if you want to switch things up but don’t know where to start. Utrecht has over 39 different playgrounds and we’ve sifted through our favourites to make it easier for you!

Speeltuin De Kleine Dom

This cute playground in the center of Utrecht opens at 10:00 am and accommodates for kids between the ages of 0 and 10. With an inside and outside area, this playground can be visited on both sunny and rainy day. Outside, kids can enjoy all sorts of playing equipment such as a climbing fort, a football cage with boarding, swings, a sand pit and even a shallow pool. There’s also plenty of little bikes and go-karts for kids of every age. And on rainy days, kids can play inside with, among other things, board games, craft and drawing materials, a pool table, a play shop, train tracks, and much more. There is also lemonade, juice, coffee, or tea available for a small fee. On Wednesday mornings form 11:00, there is a toddler craft club held in the playground, and for 1 euro crafts and games are organized! Also for our Spanish families, there is often a Spanish reading lesson in the playground. This playground is truly one of the Näpp favourites. You might bump into our founder Loviisa there and her Näppsitting kids (have a look at our Näppsitter Life highlights on Instagram!) Oh, and most importantly, you can find this playground at Lange Nieuwstraat 79.

De Bosspeeltuin

This playground is by far the coolest playground in Utrecht! This playground has numerous wooden play equipment that children from 2 to 12 can have fun on all day long. While the children are playing, parents or Näppsitters can relax and have a coffee or tea inside a little restaurant outside on the beautiful terrace on the Vikingrijn – with a view of the playground to keep on eye on the kids! During the Summer and Autumn this playground is open everyday from 10:00 to 17:00, and during the Winter and Spring time it is closed on Monday and Tuesday and open from 10:00 to 17:00 all other days of the week. You can find it at Uilenboslaan 1!


Another Näpp founder favourite! Loviisa loves to go here with her Näppsitter kids, and for good reason. Griftpark is a modern playground in Utrecht, including a lot of playing equipment and a petting zoo. The green grasses surrounding a pond are ideal for an afternoon of sunbathing on a warm day. The hill offers a beautiful view of the park and the city. It caters to all ages with a skating rink and basketball court, and younger kids can enjoy slides and see-saws. And are you a nature lover? Griftpark is the natural center and the plant wall of 220 meters long, not something you’d expect to find in a city!

De Torteltuin

Very close to Griftpark, this playground is one of the most beautiful in the city, and ideal for kids up to 7. Little ones can safely play in the baby corner, and the older children can enjoy a great tree house! For parents or Näppsitters there is coffee or tea available, and even some food, like toasties! There is a small entry fee, but definitely worth it as the amenities are clean, safe, oversee-able, and it allows you access to the fun events for kids that are occasionally held! You can find it at Kwartelstraat 70, Utrecht

Speeltuin Gagelsteede

Between fields of green there is a wonderful playground with slides, climbing equipment, little bikes, and endless possibilities for games, and running around. Accompanied playing is also offered, check out their website for that! There’s a little petting farm as well, and with guidance kids can hold and pet the animals. If you happen to have no plans on a Sunday with the kids, this playground offers a free walk-in activity every Sunday from 14:00. You can find it at Gangesdreef 7a

Speelbos Gagelbos

Utrecht is often called “The Green Heart” of the Netherlands, and that seems to be the main theme of this playground. If your children are more into running around in nature and playing around water instead of the standard playground equipment, this is the perfect spot. The forest-like playground also offers materials for kids to build huts with, or ropes and stepping stones to cross little ponds with. This will truly satisfy the nature lover in both you and the kids. You can park your car at Gageldijk around parking spot 104 and above.

Speeltuin Anansi

This playground is surprisingly big, green, and that Dutch word that sums the vibe up perfectly: gezellig. Kids up to 7 years old are welcome. On sunny days kids can play outside on the diverse selection climbing and playing equipment. On rainy or cold days they can enjoy playing a variety of games indoors, do crafts, play with cars, play with dolls, or play table tennis! But that’s not all! All around the playground there are a large basketball court,  a soccer field, and a tennis court. Additionally, a vegetable garden growing strawberries, mint, and other fruit trees complements the playground for everyone to enjoy. You can find it at Peltlaan 130

Speeltuin Blik & Burgers (or Blikkenburg)

Although not located in the center of Utrecht (in fact, it’s in Zeist), this is a beautiful playground worth a visit! You will walk from the beautiful Slot Zeist through the greenery of Philosophers’ Lane to Blik & Burgers, which is the name of the restaurants next to the playground. Blikkenburg is nice and spacious, and suitable for kids of several ages. The younger children can enjoy themselves in the sandpit, with wooden climbing equipment and of course the unmissable swings. The trampoline built into the grass is a big hit with slightly older kids. The large skating rink is also great fun for children who can already skate or want to learn that. Behind this track there is a skate park for the real daredevils. The attached restaurant offers plenty of choice in terms of food and drinks and delicious snacks! On the weekends you can even have a full lunch or dinner here. This playground truly caters to kids of all ages, and their parents and babysitters. You can find it at Filosofenlaantje 9. 

De Pyramide van Austerlitz 

This is a free playground in the middle of the forest, immediately adjacent to the Lunapark! Kids can enjoy themselves in the train, bumper cars, or even a carousel! For the parents (and kids of course) there is a lovely terrace to enjoy coffee or tea, and some ice cream! Here’s a pro tip from us: combine a visit to the playground with a nice walk in the forest of Zeist/Austerlitz! This forest offers a wonderful nature walk. Of course we recommend you climb the pyramid to enjoy a nice view, located on the highest point of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug and built in 1804 as a tribute to Napoleon Bonaparte.

Speeltuin De Bloesem

And last but not least, this is a great option with options for everyone. There’s fun playing equipment all around for young and old. Kids can play football, and animal lovers will love the very sweet giant rabbit hanging around. With good weather, the pool is open, and of course parents and babysitters can relax with some coffee or tea while watching the children play to their hearts content.


We hope that with this list we helped you navigate your way around our favourite playgrounds in Utrecht! And if you happen to bump into our founder Loviisa at one, don’t be shy and come say hello! We’ll see you in our next blog post!