A Day in Amsterdam with the Kids

You’ve been waiting for it and now its here, we’re taking you for a day in Amsterdam with the kids! Amsterdam is the Netherlands’ buzzing capital city, with its beautifully picturesque row houses, canals, flowers, and markets. Amsterdam has a large and growing international community, and therefore the city is very geared towards foreigners. Amsterdam is beautiful on sunny days, but it’s tricky to find out what to do when you’re out with kids. So whether you’re a näppsitter or a parent, we’ve got you covered! This is a list of our Amsterdam favourites!

Amsterdam Food Tour

You love food, the kids love food…what better way to spend the day? Chocolates, cheese, pancakes, stroopwafels, for instance. All of this is accompanied by history and culture. This tour is suitable for kids (and adults) of all ages, and is a fun and unique way to spend time the day!


Vondelpark is kind of like Amsterdam’s Central Park, and is loved by Amsterdammers and tourists alike.  With its beautiful greenery and grassy fields by the water, it makes for a perfect spot to enjoy a sunny afternoon playing games. You could have a picnic, enjoy the paddle pool, or simply go for a walk to enjoy the sunshine. The Kinderkookcafé offers a fun activity for kids to cook little dishes while the parents enjoy a cup of coffee. The open-air theatre hosts free concerts in the summer at the park’s bandstand, a relaxing way to spend a day!

Rent a BakFiets

If you have more than one kid, a great way to get around Amsterdam is by bakfiets. Rent a bike in various different places around the city, and show the kids around the city in a way that they will absolutely love.


Visit Artis, the royal zoo in Amsterdam! It is one of the oldest zoos in Europe, having opened in 1835. It not only has a large variety of wild animals the you and the kids can admire, it also has beautiful gardens and stunning architecture.

Canal Pizza Cruise

Boat tours through the canals are fun and educational…if you’re at least over 15 years old. Kids will most likely just find these regular tours a tiny bit boring, and sitting behind glass on a hot day is not advisable. So take it up a notch, and cruise around the canals for 90 minutes enjoying a starter of bread and olives, followed by pizza, and cap it all off with some ice cream. This is a fun evening activity with the kids that everyone is sure to love!

And if you ever find yourself needing break from the kids, we’ve got a whole blogpost dedicated to that as well 😉