Näpp subscription fee

Have you found a Näppsitter you want to contact? Great!

You can contact the Näppsitters if you have a Näpp subscription. The subscription fee is €15 for 30 days. During the 30 days, you can contact as many Näppsitters as you want and agree on a meeting with them. We hope you find your culturally matching Näppsitter soon!

Näppsitter rates

We want to give our Näppsitters the power of deciding their own hourly rate, as we want to support them as much as we support the Näppfamilies. This support means that they have a platform to find a babysitting job where they are respected and compensated fairly for their skills and the value they add to our community.

Normally the hourly rate is between 9-15 euros, they can be found on the Näppsitter’s own profiles.


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