Parents of an International Child

As parents of an international child, you must be aware of the problem when your child starts speaking the language of the living country better than your own native language. Do you notice how your children become more unaware of their home culture? No worries, we know the problem, and you are definitely not alone!

Näpp is here to connect your family with a babysitter (or Näppsitter, as we say), who shares the same cultural background with your kids and is able to speak their mother tongue with them.


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Testimonial from a German mom

“We moved to Utrecht from Berlin in late summer of 2017. In my first week in the Netherlands, I was exploring the neighborhood with my little son Jim, who was 1 ½ year then.

We found a super nice playground very near to our house and that is where I met Loviisa. She was playing with a girl same age as my son in a very warm, understanding and fun way, which made me think immediately that I want “somebody like her” as a babysitter for our son.
After a while we made contact and she told me that she is studying in Utrecht and has been a nanny for the little girl already since the girl was a baby, which made their connection so special and close.

After telling her that we are looking for a babysitter for our son, she gave me the contact of a close friend with a lot of babysitting experience that even speaks German. I couldn’t believe my luck.

This is now one year ago and our son loves his babysitter. I would always recommend Loviisa and her agency for anybody looking for a babysitter. The fact, that our babysitter speaks German and helps to expose our son to the German language after going to Dutch daycare is a plus and the perfect match for us.”
Jessi, the first match Loviisa ever made

Testimonial from a Finnish mom

“We have had a Finnish babysitter, Loviisa since our daughter was 9 months old.
Loviisa has always had free will to decide the schedule of their days, as long as sleeping and eating rhythm doesn’t suffer. She has taken our child to different cafeterias, playgrounds, city, and museums that are suitable for children.

She has a strong connection with our toddler and they have completely “own thing” going on. They learn how to do somersaults, make braids, go eat bagels together, listen to Finnish pop songs, and entertain themselves with Snapchat filters. All this in Finnish, of course.

Hiring a Finnish babysitter has been one of our best decisions. Now almost three-year-old toddler understands Finnish, and speaks it when necessary, even though Dutch is her main language. I am sure, that our investment is good, not only at this moment but also for the long run.

It is nice to have a person around who know who are Moomins, who understands the importance of woolen socks, and Christmas Eve, and helmet while biking. Someone who appreciates Finnish traditions and wants to share them with our child.
While living in a foreign country you run into cultural differences so often, that it is relieving to not always have to explain yourself.”
Satu, Finnish mom who hired Loviisa when she moved to the Netherlands