The Näpp platform is finally here, which means our Näpp-blog has been opened! Welcome!

The platform we have now is still part of our pilot phase, that is why all the tools are not available yet. The most important thing is that parents are already able to search Näppsitters (oh yes, that is how we call our babysitters here in Näpp), and filter them down based on the language, experience, and skills. After finding the perfect match, parents will contact the Näppsitter, ask them for an interview or book them right away to come to their family.

Näpp is here to connect international families living in the Netherlands, with international babysitters. The main core point is to connect the native languages and cultures together, in order to make the children feel more connected to their own roots, even though they would live in another country. And not only the connection of the children is important, but the feeling of the parents, when they have someone at their home who understands their choices based on their culture because the babysitter would make the same choice without any questioning. There has already been one Näpp parent, who said, that while living abroad you will face so many cultural differences, that when having a babysitter from the same culture, it is actually quite revealing when you don’t have to explain yourself also at home. Also, let’s not forget the Näppsitter point of view, they are also living in a country which is not their native culture, and working in a family with the same background is helping their life too, they feel a connection with someone from “home”, even though they are all away.

On our Näpp platform, we want to build a community. A place where you can connect with people, but also find some support while living in another country. That is why we have a blog too, we want to share information and give tips, we want to cover some topics that come up to you when you move to a new country. Also, since parents now have a place to find someone to take care of their children, they have some “me time”, and for those moments, we will give tips on where to go to eat, and which places should you visit, while Näppsitter is in the house with the kids.

The most important thing for us is the happiness of the children. Everything we do, we do to support these kids to grow up happy.