Quarantine with Näpp

As you already know, the coronavirus has swept over much of the world, and many of you are in self-quarantine. Quarantine with Näpp has been the same; staying at home, washing our hands often, having our meetings virtually, and staying alert, not anxious. We understand that these times are difficult for parents who have to work from home while the kids can’t go to school, or whose incomes depend on hours of weekly work while having to support a family. We recommend you follow the health and safety suggestions by the RIVM and let these inform your decision-making processes on how to best get through these difficult times! Although the situation can seem quite dire sometimes, with schools being canceled, shops closing, cities feeling like ghost towns, and parents having to work from home without being able to hire a babysitter, we want to give you several reasons to smile this weekend.

Quarantine Tip #1: Virtual Visits

In this day and age, it’s possible to take virtual tours of museums, parks, and other world sites. So if you can’t travel there yourself, transport yourself and your kids to the Louvre, for example! If your kids love art, take them through the virtual tour of the Rijksmuseum, or if they love nature take them to Yellowstone National Park or Acadia National Park!The options are countless, and chances are that your favourite museum or site in the world has a virtual tour available for your kids to entertain themselves with for a while. You can even visit Mars! They can even virtually meet their friends and enjoy a “day out” together!

quarantine tip tour

Quarantine Tip #2: Bake Together

This is a tip that probably requires your or an older sibling’s help, but for the little foodies out there, baking is a fun and time-consuming way to entertain! Cookies, cakes, brownies, breads…the options are endless. Kids can release their creativity as well as learn about measuring, ingredients, time management, and perhaps some chemistry in the process!

quarantine tip baking

Quarantine Tip #3: If You Have a Dog, Train It!

Now that your kids are home from school, you can put them to work after their virtual classes and have them try to properly train your dog. Let simple youtube videos guide your kids into training your dog to sit and stay, roll over, jump, give a paw, and much more. Maybe we can all come out of this crisis with perfectly behaved dogs, and your kids will have a fun and rewarding activity to do during their time off school!

quarantine tip dog

Quarantine Tip #4: Download Academic Printables

Worried that your children might not be getting the amount of schooling that they usually would, and that their developing brains need a bit more stimulation? Download these academic printables that will keep them thinking and learning through fun and intriguing math puzzles! It helps to make a space and schedule for learning that resembles the schedule and environment your kids are used to. Whether it’s a desk or a specific place at the kitchen table, having one spot to learn and do school work helps your kids focus!

quarantine tip school

Quarantine Tip #5: Send Mail to Grandma and Grandpa (or other beloved family members)

These can be lonely times, and having your kids write letters, make beautiful drawings and sending them to their grandparents or any other family members is a wonderful gesture that will make these times easier to bear. It can keep your children busy for hours, and it will certainly produce some smiles. Quarantine with Näpp means physical distancing, but not social distancing.

quarantine tip write

Quarantine Tip #6: Games, Games, Games

Siblings can play these together or you can join in; puzzles, board games like Scrabble, Checkers, Chess, Monopoly, Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, card games like Rummy, War, Go Fish, Solitatire, Uno, Old Maid, or physical games like Twister or Charades…the options are endless. Games are a great way to spend countless afternoons inside and pass the time!

quarantine tip games

Quarantine Tip #7: Pizza and Paint

Organize a Pizza and Paint night/afternoon! Make a pizza with the kids for lunch or dinner, and bring out the canvases, paintbrushes, and paints you have in the house.  The entire family can come together over some homemade pizza, or just your children while you work from home, to channel their inner artist!

quarantine tip paint

Quarantine Tip #8: Listen to an Astronaut Read From Space

Is working from home taking up all of your time, and need someone else to take over storytime tonight? How about an astronaut in the International Space Station reading children’s stories while floating around? You can find it here!

quarantine tip storytime

Quarantine Tip #9: Arg, matey. Pirates tell stories, too.

Are your kids more interested in pirates than astronauts? We got you covered!

quarantine tip storytime 2

Quarantine Tip #10: FaceTime Your Näppsitter

Are the kids missing their Näppsitter? Chances are they can’t meet up and babysit in person right now, but they can always FaceTime or Skype! Continue forming that cultural connection by allowing your kids to speak their native language to their new friend. They’ll be able to come and babysit again in no time! This is the closest way to quarantine with Näpp.

quarantine tip facetime