Parents of an International Child

As parents of an international child, you must be aware of the problem when your child starts speaking the language of the living country better than your own native language. Do you notice how your children become more unaware of their home culture? No worries, we know the problem, and you are definitely not alone! You try your best with connecting the children to their cultures and languages, but it can be hard. Parents have to work, and it would be great to have some time for yourself every now and then too. Unfortunately, there is just not enough time to focus on everything.

Luckily, we have created a solution for this! Näpp is here to connect your family with a babysitter (or Näppsitter, as we say), who shares the same cultural background with your kids and is able to speak their mother tongue with them. In this way, parents can enjoy some free time, and don’t have to worry about the kids not hearing the language enough – there is someone who is speaking it with them while you’re gone. Another important thing to remember is that when you hire someone from the same culture as you, you share the values and norms. You already know what to expect, and you will have fewer communication issues with each other. Eventually, Näppsitter might become an important part of your family!

What we do

Näpp is here to help you find the matching Näppsitter for your family. We have created different filters to help parents find the perfect babysitter for their needs. Most important is, of course, the language filter, as the whole focus of Näpp is to create connectivity through languages. You can scroll through the Näppsitters and see all of them without creating an account. When you find a Näppsitter of your requirements, the next step is create an account (including a subscription fee) and contact the babysitter. The subscription fee is €15 for 30 days. All the Näppsitter profiles have been checked by the Näpp-team and the people who have confirmed their identity have a green check mark on their profile.

After you have connected with your Näppsitter, you are free to arrange a meeting for an interview or book them right away to babysit your children. You will pay direclty to the babysitter after the babysitting is done, Näpp is not involved in this step. The Näppsitters will also be reviewed by parents after the babysitting, so please remember to leave your review too, this will help the future parents, and the Näppsitters themselves.

Hopefully, you will find your perfect cultural match soon! If there is no Näppsitter fitting your needs, you can also contact us through our contact form, and we will look into our network.