Näpp x. BikeFlip – A Sustainable Subscription for Children’s Bikes!

Utrecht has a very diverse start-up scene, and at Näpp we like to stay in touch with that. One of the start-ups that we shared a co-working space with for a while, is BikeFlip – a children’s bike company that shares a lot of our similar values. This autumn, we are doing a collaboration with them, that you, our subscribers, might benefit from!


Children grow, bikes do not. Nothing is more temporary than a children’s bicycle; every one and a half to two years a new bicycle has to be purchased, and the bicycle that is too small gets in the way. That is why we at BikeFlip have an innovative concept: a subscription to a circular children’s bicycle.


It works as follows: you choose a bicycle on our website. We bring it to you, and when in need of maintenance we come to repair it at your doorstep. When the bike is too small, you can choose a new one on the website, and we exchange it for your old bike, which can then be used by another child!

We believe in a sustainable and circular future, which is why BikeFlip only offers well-refurbished second-hand bicycles so that bicycles are not unnecessarily thrown away or produced.


A subscription costs only 5 euros per month for the smallest bicycles (12 to 14 inches), 8.50 euros for the middle sizes (16 to 20 inches) and 12.50 for larger children’s bicycles (22 to 26 inches). In addition, parents that are a Näpp member receive the first month for free with the promotional code that you’ll find in our next newsletter!