Meet the Polish Babysitter Barbara

Today is the perfect day to meet the Polish babysitter Barbara! But, we’re going to do it a bit differently today, and let Barbara tell us all about herself and her experience with us at Näpp! So let’s get right into it.

“Hey there everyone, I am Barbara born in Berlin with Polish roots. I just freshly graduated from Creative Business and that is where I met Loviisa and found out about Napp. So now, after graduation it’s time to figure out a life plan, which I am currently busy with. I am now preparing for my Yoga Teacher Training and would love to spread more joy in people’s lives which, well…I learned from children.”


“Being with children inspires me and seeing the world through their pure unfiltered eyes is magical to me. Just following their intuition and exploring the world with endless curiosity. That is what I love most about babysitting. Having the opportunity to dive into their little worlds for a while and absorbing their curiosity, wonder, and simplicity of being- a child. Aren’t we all children that just grew up?

“So, when I am babysitting I am mostly trying to create a safe environment for children for them to play, explore, and do all the things they want to do. I try to be a mix of caretaker and friend, and of course a responsible companion.

“When Babysitting I try to listen and respond to the needs of the kids, while keeping healthy boundaries, because as we all know children love to test those 😉 So, I love taking them to playgrounds or walk in nature, parks and see how they respond to the environment. Basically doing something fun and active, that’s what I like to do with kids. If it’s playing board games inside or going out it’s about interaction, play, connection and attentiveness to one another. Plus, me spending my childhood in a circus is a little plus at times as, depending on how the kids feel and are, I love to dive back into that and involve kids with some fun stuff I learned over there.

“So overall being a Näppsitter to me is about diving back into the world of curiosity and wonder, while taking up the role of a caretaker and companion.”

Thanks so much for telling us your story, Barbara! If you’re looking for a babysitter who can speak both Polish, German, and English, schedule an appointment with Barbara today!

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