Meet the Näppsitter, Andrea

It is time to start with a new blog series where will be introducing the people of Näpp. Our platform is all about community, culture, and connection, and what better way to foster that than by getting to know you: the people of Näpp? Today, in our first introduction blog, you will get to meet Näppsitter Andrea from the United States!

Introduce Yourself!

“My name is Andrea, I am from the United States and am 20 years old. At the moment I live in the Netherlands, as I am studying Creative Business in Hogeschool Utrecht. I am a very creative person, I love art, going to museums, traveling and meeting new people. In the future, I hope to become a creative director.

Why did you become a Näppsitter?

When I moved to the Netherlands, I wanted to find a part-time job. My first thought was to babysit since I used to do it back home too. I love babysitting, because I enjoy working with children, being creative with them and helping them solve problems.

What is your main activity while babysitting?

Children are super open-minded to learning and trying new things. That’s why when babysitting, I usually let the child decide what we are going to do today. This always ends up being fun and exciting.

Have you been a babysitter before Näpp?

Back home, I have worked for eight different families. Most of them were from my hometown in the US, but also for some international families. So when I found out about Näpp through my classmate, I was very excited to sign up and find the new families.

What is your favourite thing about Näpp?

Näpp is great for me because it caters to my needs in finding a family that is looking for a native English speaker. It’s more difficult here as a foreigner, as my Dutch isn’t the greatest yet.”


If you think Anna is a perfect cultural match to babysit your children, you can find her profile on our platform here!