Meet the Näppsitter Sophia!

Time to meet the American babysitter in The Hague, Sophia! It’s been a while since we interviewed a Näppsitter, but finally, we’re back. Enjoy reading about Näppsitter Sophia’s international babysitting experience!

Introduce Yourself!

I am 19 years old, from Annapolis, Maryland in the United States. I am currently in my first year of studying International Studies at Leiden University. I am also a Resident Assistant for my student living accommodation. In my free time, I enjoy making art, reading, and hanging out with friends.

How did you find out about Näpp?

I found out about Näpp while I was researching ways to get involved with babysitting in The Hague. I babysat throughout high school and wanted to continue while in college.

What is your favourite thing about Näpp?

Näpp allows babysitters to set up professional profiles and share their personalities with families that are interested. This is great, as it gave me experience writing about myself, something that is valuable when applying for other job positions.

Why did you become a babysitter?

I became a babysitter first for my younger brother and later for my neighbor’s children. I find joy in helping other people, and babysitting allows me to help out parents in need and grow my responsibility skills.

What is your favourite thing about babysitting?

I love seeing how quickly kids can learn new things and how open they are to new ideas. I feel as though I learn something or gain a new perspective on the world every time I babysit. My favourite thing about children is their creativity and unique ways of expressing their personalities.

What is the one tradition from your culture that you would want to share with the child you are babysitting?

I would love to share the songs, rhymes, and games I learned growing up in the U.S. My favourite activities to do while babysitting include making art, playing outside, and reading to the kids.

We hope you enjoyed reading about Sophia’s experience with us! If you’d like to schedule an appointment with her, you can find her profile here.


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