Meet the Näppsitter, Jenni

Time to meet the Näppsitter Jenni! It’s been a while since we interviewed a Näppsitter, but finally we’re back. Enjoy reading about Jenni’s babysitting experience with Näpp!

Introduce Yourself!

Hi everyone, I am Jenni. I am 25 years old and was born and raised in Germany until I was 19. My family background is a very interesting one to me that I would actually like to research more, because I am not fully German. Along the way my family mixed with Russian, Georgian, Jewish and French, that’s what I know of. My father was born in Kirgistan and my mother in Kasachstan, hence I was growing up with the Russian language and culture as well.
After I graduated high school, I decided to travel to New Zealand and South-East Asia for 2 years, which was a growing experience. In 2015 I started  my Marketing Communication study here in Utrecht and am just writing my bachelor thesis now to graduate. In between I enjoy traveling still, exploring Europe, Asia and Africa. I adore seeing new things and discover other cultures. Growing up right next to a forest and also traveling around, I feel very close to nature, why I enjoy spending my time outside and having long walks through the forests and fields of Utrecht. On rainy days, I can still be found outside but also at home or with friends working on creative projects; Music, Dance, Photography, Drawing and Writing are among them. For calm moments, I practice yoga and meditation.

How did you find out about Näpp?

I came across Näpp knowing Loviisa from University and as a friend. We talked about connecting with each other, and me starting to babysit for Näpp.

Have you been a babysitter before Näpp?

I have been babysitting my neighbor’s kids in Germany and also some children from my big family. Now I have a 3 year old brother that I enjoy spending time with, with my whole heart. He lives in Germany and I miss him a lot. I signed up with Näpp now to have the opportunity to connect with children here in the Netherlands.

What is your favorite thing about Näpp?

My favorite about Näpp is the fact that the company prioritizes supporting the children to be confident and happy. Näpp helps to connect international families and babysitters, so the children have the chance to know where they come from, but are also able to connect to the culture and language of the country they live in. I really love that about Näpp.

Why did you become a babysitter?

I became a babysitter in my early teens. The first ones to babysit were my neighbor’s kids. I didn’t really think of babysitting then, but my neighbors saw a positive connection between their kids and me and gave me their trust. I was very proud of that, had fun myself and managed this job quite well, why I offered my help to other families as well.

What is your favorite thing about babysitting?

I enjoy being with children, and seeing the world through their pure and exploring eyes. Seeing them learn and develop is something fascinating to
me. I learn from and with them as well. My heart literally warms up when I see children and I just want to make sure that they have fun while interacting with them.

What is your favourite thing about children?

I have been growing up with different cultures myself and I have to say I learned so much from it! I would love to share my cultural knowledge with children, show them to embrace it and just be there for them.

Why is it important to babysit a child from your culture?

Together with them I would decide on how to create the day – depending on their age and the weather of course. When outside I would go for walks, to the forest, the playground, parks, animal parks, play some active games. On rainy days, maybe going for walks with rain-gear other than that being inside, playing games, dancing, reading, handcrafting and cooking together. These are just some activities I can think of. I am sure I will find a common ground with a kid and have a good time wherever whenever.


meet the näppsitter jenni

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