Meet the Näppfamily Bella & her family

Last week we introduced one of our Näppsitters to you so this week you will meet the Näppfamily Bella and her family!

Introduce yourself!

“My name is Bella, I am 37 year old mom of two girls, from Paris. My family and I moved to Amsterdam two years ago, because of my husband’s work. In the beginning, I was a stay-at-home mom, but this year I started working at a travel agency.

How did you find out about Näpp?

When I started looking for a babysitter, my friend, who knew the founder personally, told me about Näpp. Näpp is an online platform, where I can use the filters to find a babysitter. And since I did not know anyone who could work as a babysitter here in the Netherlands, this was perfect. It made it so much easier to find someone. But not only that, but I could also find a babysitter who speaks French. It is so comfortable to think that the person who comes to your home understands everything exactly how I tell it and I don’t have to struggle with language barriers.

Why is having a culturally connected babysitter important for you and your family?

My girls are four and seven years old. They are really happy and energetic children, their favorite hobby is dancing. They both go to school, where they speak Dutch, whilst at home, we speak French. It is crazy how fast they learned to speak Dutch (I still struggle sometimes)! It is great, but I think it is important for our girls to have another connection to home, besides us parents, which is why having a French babysitter is great.”