Halloween 2020 Inspiration

Halloween in 2020 is going to be a bit unusual, and to those of you who do celebrate it, we thought we’d provide you with some Halloween 2020 Inspiration! Here are some fun tips and ideas for Halloween activities that can be done while in lockdown! Tag us in any of your photos, we’d love to see how your Halloween was!

#1: Bake Halloween Cookies

A classic idea, but a good one: make Halloween inspired cookies with the kids! That means pumpkins, ghosts, zombies, anything spooky! Buy some cookie cutters from the store, some coloured icing, and you’re good to go for a fun afternoon!

halloween 2020 inpsiration baking cookies

#2: Watch Halloween Movies

A movie night is always fun, especially when you make it special by playing into the whole Halloween theme. Provide some movie snacks, get the blankets and pillows out, and watch some Halloween movies together! We know it’s probably not in anyone’s best interest if these movies are too scary, so some good ones you can watch are Hocus Pocus, Hotel Transylvania, The Nightmare Before Christmas, or The Adams Family!

halloween 2020 inpsiration movies

#3: Halloween Scavenger Hunt

With your bubble, hold a Halloween-themed Scavenger hunt around the house! Place clues on post-it notes around the house, that require them to complete tasks and lead them to the prize: Halloween candy!

halloween 2020 inpsiration candy

#4: Pumpkin Carving Contest

What screams Halloween more than pumpkin carving? Big pumpkins are a bit hard to find in the Netherlands, but any Albert Heijn will have smaller ones that can still be carved out and turned into something spooky. This makes for a fun afternoon with the kids!

halloween 2020 inpsiration pumpkin

#5: Virtual Halloween Party

On your preferred virtual meeting platform, bring together some of your kids’ friends, and host a virtual Halloween party! Show off costumes, and the cookies you made, play games together that can be done virtually, such as charades, or do a virtual movie viewing. The possibilities are endless! Either way, it will be a way for your kids to still see their friends and enjoy a 2020-style Halloween.

halloween 2020 inpsiration