Holidays are over, and we want to take this fresh start as an opportunity to start a new project here within Näpp.

During the pandemic, we have not only witnessed changes in our own company but within the expat community as a whole. 


No matter where we were born and where we live today, different countries have experienced (and still are experiencing) this pandemic differently than others. Because of this, we can see the unequal structures of our global society even better.

At Näpp, we mostly talk to people that have left their country of origin and moved abroad to set up a new life in a new country. We acknowledge that for people who experience this pandemic in a (fairly) new place, it can be challenging at times for different reasons.

M.Parker, a psychological counselor, has helped expat clients to facilitate their self-growth since 2019. In an article on: “how to manage the added stress of COVID-19 as an expat, she points out that creating a social network and resources group in this pandemic is the hardest challenge to face for an expat. 

Not only but as well interviewed expats who wanted to visit their families over Christmas but didn’t do so due to the advice of the government and other travel restrictions. 


We know that there are challenges, and some are easier to tackle, some are more difficult. Anyhow, we at Näpp believe in a general attitude towards challenges as opportunities. In these following weeks, we want to share article series with you about Expat parenting in times of COVID-19. There we want to address the challenges of parenthood and give useful advice on what to do while living in a new country in times of Corona. 

Because what makes us luckier than people suffering cholera a century ago are, next to some other innovations, are the amazing opportunities to connect online.

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We are all in this together!


By the way, others made up their mind about this as well. 

Volunteer THE HAGUE set up research to find out more about the challenges expats face in the Netherlands during COVID-19 to solve problems for the future. 

You can fill in their survey here