Children Boutiques in Utrecht

As part of our new blog series, we cover different kid-friendly amenities, and this week we will talk about children boutiques in Utrecht. In previous blog posts we covered kid-friendly restaurants, and Utrecht-based playgrounds, so check those out for more inspiration! We hope that if you’re new to the beautiful city in which we (Näpp) are based, this will be a helpful guide to navigating Utrecht with kids.

Yes, you can buy clothes for kids at H&M, Zara, and more of the fast fashion stores that you can find in every city – and yes, sometimes that is easier. But, as we are one ourselves, we love to support local small businesses! Not only are these often more ethical choices over buying clothes from the big fast fashion giants who deploy questionable business practices in various parts of their supply chain – ranging from environmental to societal damage – but you’re also supporting the local business environment in the city you live in. This ultimately makes it an even more beautiful place to live and work, and you get to enjoy even more Utrecht favourites.

So without further ado, let’s explore Utrecht’s cute children boutique scene!

Tumble ‘n Dry – Lijnmarkt 19

Selling comfortable children’s clothes that are also on trend, this Dutch clothing brand makes cool and affordable clothes for kids aged 0-15. For each age group, they design an appealing, individual collection that meets the needs of every season, has a perfect fit, and suits the style preferences of the children in the relevant age groups. And does this name sound familiar to you? That can be explained by the fact that although the brand is local, you can now find it in more than 1000 specialty clothing stores in the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Eastern Europe, Canada, Japan, Italy, Greece, Switzerland and Australia. Nevertheless, it’s a great option in Utrecht for comfortably, cool, sporty, and trendy children’s clothes!

‘T Kevertje – Springweg 15

For almost 25 years, this children boutique in Utrecht offers a variety of children’s clothes, including shoes. They have separate stores for babies and older kids, and carry over 30 brands! You can shop for clothing in all sizes, but there is special attention for early teenagers. With brands such as Scotch Shrunk, Scotch R’Belle, Airforce, Circle of Trust, Levi’s and BPI, they understand how to reach a target group that not many brands accomplish. Their secret is to always look carefully at what happens in adult fashion and translate that into children’s fashion, without losing sight of quality and wearability.

De Deugniet – Amsterdamsestraatweg 568

At this cute little shop that – since very recently – also proudly sells adult clothing, you can find a variety of quality brands and second-hands clothing, gifts, toys, bags, jewelry, shoes, and boots. Through weekly batch purchasing, they offer very affordable children’s clothing from popular A-brands such as Vingino, Burberry, NoaNoa, Kik-Kid, and Imps & Elfs. Additionally, their wide selection of manually selected second-hand designer clothing changes daily, making every visit unique. In a modern effort to support the circular economy, if you still have second-hand branded children’s clothing you can’t use anymore, you can hand it into Deugniet as well!

An Apple A Day – Nachtegaalstraat 29

This beautiful children boutique in Utrecht is perfect for kids who love to play and move around! Offering a wide assortment, from baby and children’s clothes, to accessories and toys, to children’s rooms furniture. This shop understands that kids don’t always enjoy the seemingly endless shopping for clothes. That’s why they have creatively turned the shopping experience into playtime. And this isn’t all! Besides being a children’s boutique, An Apple A Day is also an official practice office for child exercise therapy. Within the practice, children can work on their moto development and posture problems in a light, fresh, and playful space, under guidance of a certified child exercise therapist.

Prinses en Erwtje – Oudegracht 220

You might be familiar with the fairy tail the Princess and the Pea? Named after this story, this boutique has an interesting history. The shop is actually a combination of the Prinses op de Erwt and Erwtje Kinderschoenen. These stores have been merged since 1 June 2010. Before this, Prinses op de Erwt (since 18-1-1996) was a children’s accessories and furniture store . Erwtje (since 18-5-2002) was a children’s shoe store that was located on Springweg 19, where children’s shoes were sold. Because the building was in serious need of renovation, the store had to move. However, the new site worked so well that they have not moved back. You can now find them on the Oudegracht selling a wide variety of children’s clothes and shoes from brands like Anne-Claire Petit, Egmont Toys, Clic, Kidscase, Zecchino D’oro, Monk & Anna, Saltwater sandals, and Fabienne Chapot.

Kortjakje – Twijnstraat 56

In one word, this cute little children boutique in Utrecht is “gezellig”. Selling second-hand clothing since it was founded in 1981, this family-owned boutique has had top quality second-hand clothing for children and (young) adults for an affordable price for over 30 years. The store has a new range of clothing every day. There is a reading and play area for the children, and in addition to clothing, you will also find shoes and boots and a large collection of sports clothing such as horse riding clothing, football boots, judo suits and winter sports clothing.

Copine – Hessenweg 181B, De Bilt

A little bit outside of the center of Utrecht, in the (super family-friendly) de Bilt, you will find this small but atmospheric and beautiful boutique called Copine. The owner of Copine lived in Paris for years, and drew inspiration from her love of France into her elegant little shop. She sells clothes and accessories for both women and children from Dutch and International designers. Some of the brands she carries include Tumble’N Dry, Claesen’s, Flo, Nice Things en Someone, but the collection regularly rotates, making every visit unique.

The Kids Republic – Vinkenlaan 33, Bilthoven

Whereas most children boutiques in Utrecht we’ve covered are cute and small, this is a mega store – over 1000m2 in the centre of Bilthoven (outskirts of Utrecht city-centre). Carrying beautiful brands like VESPER, Retour, Vingino, NinniVi, Z8, LOOXS, FLO and Bellerose in a variety of sizes for kids aged 0-16, you’ll always find what you’re looking for. You can also easily shop online, with free deliveries and free returns.

Sparxx – Slotlaan 260 (Zeist)

Similarly just outside of Utrecht, this cute boutique offer clothes, accessories, shoes, toys, and books for kids 0-12 years old. Some of the brands they carry include Sawasi, ColorKids, Dirkje, dotjes, and Absorba…and they also offer a hairdresser service! Founded by a young woman with a degree in fashion and a passion for entrepreneurship, you can imagine why this is one of our favourites. She’s still the one standing behind the counter, and is keen on answering any questions! Definitely worth a visit, and true great example of the diversity entrepreneurial spirit we admire!

We hope this guide has given you some insight into the children boutiques in Utrecht, we know some of them can remain very hidden gems! If you need more inspiration, check out our Kids Fashion Favourites Pinterest board! Stay tuned for our next Utrecht Favourites post, and let us know what you’d be interested in learning about next!