Best International Bookstores in the Netherlands

Are you looking for the best international bookstores in the Netherlands? So were we! There are so many lovely book shops in the Netherlands, but many books are in Dutch. Finding books in your language without ordering them online can be extremely difficult in the Netherlands. That’s why we’ve created a list of the best international bookstores in the Netherlands!

Utrecht: Broese Boekverkopers

Starting out in our own lovely town of Utrecht, Broese Boekverkopers is our favourite international bookstore! Broese has many Dutch books, but includes an entire English department as well as an international literature section. This bookstore has a very long history, dating back to 1753. You can find it at Stadhuisbrug in the center of Utrecht. It has international books for both adults and kids, as well as Dutch-language learning books.


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Delft: Duli Delft

This cute international bookshop in Delft not only offers books in a variety of languages (mainly Portuguese and English), but also hosts workshops for kids of all ages. They carry fictional and non-fictional books, but also informative books for teens and pre-teens.

The Hague: Stanza Bookshop

In the center of The Hague you will find Stanza; a cozy and comfortable little international bookshop owned by Karina. Karina has a background and passion for international law, and carries many books on this topic, but would also love to advise you on children’s books in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German. Karina facilitates cultural events like poetry readings, debates, book presentations and children storytelling in different languages.


The Hague: Serendipity Libros

Serendipity has a physical and online presence, and carries a well-curated selection of picture books as well as literature for the youngest members of your family. It is specialized in Spanish, French and Italian books. What is so great about this shop is that they support bi or multilingual development of children and parents of culturally diverse backgrounds. They regularly organize free readings and storytelling in different locations in The Hague and Voorburg in Spanish, French, and Italian. You can find out about these events on their facebook page Serendipity literatura infantil.


The Hague: La librairie nomade

The Hague is truly a great city to find international kids books. Specializing in French books, “La librairie nomade“, is a mobile bookshop started by Marie and Fanny. They work together to promote language and culture through readings and other events. This article (French) describes beautifully what they’re all about!


The Hague: Bookstor

A final book heaven in The Hague you must visit: Bookstor! Besides selling international books, this lovely bookshop also offers a cozy place to sit and read over a cup of coffee or tea! They have a good selection of English books, but in their second-hand collection you can find books from many other different languages. The mural on the wall is by renowned Dutch children book illustrator Marije Tolman.


Amsterdam: El rincón del libro

This gem is one of the only bookstores in the Netherlands that carries Spanish books for children, as well as English books. You can also find some adult selections here!

Amsterdam: Le temps retrouvé

Then, for French, in Amsterdam as well there is “Le temps retrouvé“, who also organize very interesting debates and cultural working together with the foundation “L’echappée Belle“.

Amsterdam: The American Book Center

Chances are you know of this one, as it is hard to miss. Carrying a huge variety of English books for both kids and adults, and hosting open mic nights, book chats, and reading clubs, this literature hub is crucial for international book lovers!