10 Activities for Spring Break At Home

Spring Break has started in the Netherlands, but due to the coronavirus crisis we are all still mostly unable to travel, spend time with family and friends that are outside our quarantine bubbles, and most activities are simply not possible yet. That doesn’t mean that Spring Break needs to be boring, in fact, there are so many fun at-home Spring Break activities that you and the kids can do! We’ve put together a list of our favourites, so that you can turn this week into a successful Spring Break!

#1: Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt in your house/garden if you have one! Pick a theme, and hide objects within the theme around your house for the kids to find based on clues. This game is fun for siblings, and you can easily adapt it to their age. It is quite a bit of work on your end, but you can always ask your Näppsitter to help you come up with ideas!

spring break activities scavenger hunt

#2: Make a Collage

Together with the kids, go through photos that you have taken together over the years, and print out your favourites. Bring out the craft supplies and allow the kids to start making their own collages of their favourite memories. It’s a great way to spend several afternoons at home! It also makes a thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day.

spring break activities collage

#3: Fashion Show

Unleash your child’s inner diva and let them put together and show off some fabulous looks. Don’t forget the runway, the music, the lights, and the cameras! This is a fun way to try on and show off new clothes you bought online for the Spring or Summer!

spring break activities fashion show

#4: Garden or Living Room Picnic

Prepare some delicious sandwiches with that home-made bread you’ve been making, add some delicious fruits and snacks, and lay out the picnic spread on a blanket in the living room or garden. A perfect way to have lunch on a sunny (or rainy) Spring afternoon!

spring break activities picnic

#5: Have High-Tea

Similar to the picnic idea (and some of you might already be doing this if you’re from the UK), but a fancy high-tea is always a great time! Prepare scones with clotted cream and jam, finger sandwiches, and some sweet pastries alongside some of your favourite tea. Bring out your fanciest tableware and make an afternoon out of it. A great way to keep your kids in touch with your home culture if you’re English, but also a great way to educate them about other cultures!

spring break activities high tea

#6: Build a Fort

Using blankets, furniture, tape, cardboard boxes (from moving, maybe, if you still have them!), build an indoor fort! Your kids can spend the entire day putting it together and decorating it, and will have plenty of fun throughout the next few days playing in it. You can even watch movies in it in the evening before bed!

spring break activities fort

#7: At Home Camping

Do you usually pack your tent and go out camping during Spring Break? It might not be possible this year, but you can always re-create the experience at home. Set up your tent in the garden, build a campfire, bring your guitar, and make smores over the fire. You might even find that the experience is even more fun now that you have the luxuries of your home close-by, while still having a fun camping experience.

spring break activities camp

#8: Gardening

Start a Spring garden with fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, and other plants! Buy some seeds and plant them together with the kids, and teach them how to take care of them. It’s a great interactive learning experience and a good way to spend some time outdoors.

spring break activities gardening

#9: The Great Spring Break Bake-Off

No doubt you’ve been baking during quarantine, and maybe your kids have also honed their culinary skills a bit. Hold a baking competition at home, baking buns, cakes, breads, and more, and judge them at the end for who will be awarded Spring Break Star Baker!

spring break activities baking

#10: Virtual Tutoring

Do you kids need this Spring Break time to catch up with some school work to make sure they have a good start when they get back to school after quarantine? We know it’s not the most fun Spring Break activity, but our Näppsitters would love to help your kids with some classes they might be struggling with. Home-schooling isn’t easy, but can be made more fun and valuable with the help of a virtual Näpptutor! We can connect you with one today!

spring break activities tutoring


We hope these tips can help you through this Spring Break in a fun way with this kids, before they go back to school! If you need extra tips, check out our quarantine tips here!