Benefits of Having a Babysitter

The job of a babysitter is to look after your children when you do not have the time to do so. This comes with many benefits for you and your family. If it is just to do some errands or if you and your partner have to go to work or spend some quality time together. While you might think that having a babysitter is efficient for you and your partner, the effect they have on your children is also pretty amazing. Having a babysitter can help you take the pressure off resulting in you being more relaxed and your children being even happier than they are now! Two birds one stone, right? Here are a couple of benefits of having a babysitter!

Benefit 1: Social interaction

The first benefit of having a babysitter is social interaction. It will not be strange if your child or children do not have much interaction with adults besides family, the parents of other kids and teachers. Your kid will play with friends of their own age and interact with teachers and other parents. However, a babysitter will act as a medium to open the door for your kid to be even more social. Because your kid will learn how to get along with other people they do not know. This will help your kid in becoming more confident in life as they will be used to how to interact with people outside of their normal social bubble.

Benefit 2: Consistency

Even though you are not physically present when your kid is with the babysitter, you are still the boss. For example, you can ask a family member or friend to watch your kid while you are at work. However, chances are that they will treat your kid a bit different than how you want your kid to be treated because of personal opinions. Children are like sponges and will absorb everything that they see or hear. A babysitter will be more likely to follow the directions you tell them to follow. So even though you are not there, there will not be much inconsistency in your kid’s behavior. Out of all the benefits of having a babysitter, this one we find very important at Näpp. Consistency in childhood translates to many other aspects of the child later in life, and we strive to make their childhoods happy and healthy. 

Benefit 3: Affordability

You only want the best for your children. That is what every parent wants right? Sometimes you cannot spend as much time with your kid as you like, or you cannot be there to take care of your kid when they are sick. If you would hire a nanny or put your child in daycare, the costs of this can become pretty expensive. Even calling in sick to take care of your kid can become financially troublesome. An immense benefit of having a babysitter is that he or she can work flexible hours to cover when you cannot be there, and the costs will be cheaper than another solution. Your time will be spent more efficiently, while you save more money. This can result in more family trips or getaways!

Benefit 4: Tranquility

Sometimes it can get a bit hectic being a parent, right? You are constantly running from one appointment to the next and it might feel like you cannot get a break. With a babysitter present, you can let your mind rest assured that your kid is in good hands. This will help you tackle workload faster as there will be one matter to worry less about. A peaceful mind will result in you being more pro-active at work and having more energy in your personal life. Your kid will know if something is up with you and if you are uneasy, they will unconsciously be uneasy as well. Remember the sponge? So, if your mind is not racing, your kid will also be relaxed. The less stress you have, the better it will be for your child growing up. It is like you are the superhero in your child’s life and the babysitters are like your sidekicks!

Benefit 5: ME/US-Time

This is a very important factor that you should absolutely not forget. Spending time with your children is amazing, but you should not forget taking some time off for yourself. A little ME time or US Time is as crucial as spending time with your kids. Your life is pretty busy. You do way more than you actually realize. You work, cook, do laundry, clean the house and much much more. Add your kid to the equation and where is your time? Gone before you even know it. It is important for you and your partner to take a break every now and again to unwind. If you do not do that, you might get stuck in a routine that can result in you becoming less like yourself. It is very important to do something relaxing or fun with yourself and/or with your partner. You need to stay consistent not only for yourself but also for you kid and partner. This will keep you as wonderful as you are and will keep the relationships with yourself, your partner and kid tight! Man, babysitters are lifesavers right?! 

We hope that these benefits of having a babysitter have helped you out in considering whether you should look into hiring one. If the answer to that question is yes, we are here for you!