A Day in Rotterdam with the Kids

This week, come with us for a day in Rotterdam with the kids! Despite it’s industrial, slightly rough-looking exterior, Rotterdam is a surprisingly kid-friendly city. If you’re used to the hidden, hardly discover-able playgrounds of Amsterdam, Rotterdam will be a treat for both you and kids! Enjoy this comprehensive list of fun activities for a day in Rotterdam with the kids


Speeltuin De Kieviet

This playground goes above and beyond on all levels! Trampolines, cable cars, playing forts, and even a pool – all complemented by a petting zoo. Even for the youngest ones there is a toddler corner.

Speeltuin Binnenmaas

From climbing to sliding and rocking, kids can do it all in this playground. This playground is cozy and safe, and parents or babysitters get the perfect opportunity to relax.

Speeltuin De Tortelduif

This plaground is located in the Melanchtonpark, in the Rotterdam neighborhood of Schiebroek. Every Wednesday at 14:00, a unique activity is planned. From decorating cookies, baking cakes, making flower arrangements, to reading aloud.

Speelcentrum Weena

Right in the centre of Rotterdam is a large 65-year old playground, where kids have space to climb, run, and play in the combination of gras, sand, and water. If you or the kids miss nature in the city, this is the place for you!

Plaswijck Park

A combination of theme park and playground with a zoo attached, Plaswijck Park offers a great variety of activities. Parents and babysitters are accounted for as well, with comfortable bean bag cushions to relax on. This park is perfect to visit more than once, as you’ll probably need more than one day to see all the attractions anyways!

Maritime Museum

This museum will pleasantly surprise you and the kids, because admittedly it doesn’t sound like the most fun activity to do, even on a rainy day. The museum is very interactive, kids will especially love the top floor with hands-on exhibits to teach them more about the world of shipping, for example, they’ll get to experience what it’s like to be a crane operator on a ship. The rooftop outdoor playground is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages!


This is a bit of a unique one, especially if you didn’t expect the bus to dramatically splash into the water to show you the River Maas up close. The kids will love this educational but interactive and fun tour, and presents on board are provided.


The pancake boat in Rotterdam combines some of life’s best things: pancakes, boat trips, and beautiful city views. From its waterways are truly the best way to see Rotterdam, and on this trip you and the kids can do so while enjoying some of the city’s best pancakes. The buffet offers a range of toppings from savoury to sweet, and you can eat as much as you want for 75 full minutes! But don’t worry about sugar overload, kids won’t be too pre-occupied with eating the pancakes once they find out about the plastic ball pit on the lower deck of the boat.


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If you’re not in Rotterdam, but similarly lost on things to do with the kids, we’ve got you covered!