A Day In Maastricht With The Kids

This week, we’ve gone out for a day in Maastricht with the kids! Maastricht is a lovely city in the Netherlands that, because of its unique charm, has grown in popularity among visitors of all ages. From the mysterious caves under the city to the beautiful gardens and city streets in a more – dare we say – hill-y part of the Netherlands. Here’s a comprehensive list of what to do in Maastricht with the kids!

Maastricht Underground

Get away from the heat and explore the mysterious caves under the city! With children tours available, tales of ancient times will come alive, and you might learn something in the process. The caves are a labyrinth of 8000 passages and a guide will take you from one to the next. These caves are in fact not really natural caves but that they were underground mines formed by man hundreds of years ago. The tour guides know the area like the back of their hand, so don’t worry about getting lost 😉

Market Square

Wondering around a market might be one of the best immersive ways to get your dose of culture. Markt van Maastricht, which is located alongside Vrijthof. The only city tram in all of Maastricht also starts its route from Vrijthof Square. Here visitors can make a 45-minute tour to the historical center of the city and along more of its beautiful sights. The Market Square is home to a variety of restaurants and cafe’s that line the center – which is often filled with stalls selling food, arts, and much more. It is a must-see in Maastricht, and while you enjoy a drink with some bitterballen, the kids can safely play on the oversee-able square.

Playing Ground Fort Willem

One of the best play grounds in all of the Netherlands, Fort Willem will not disappoint! Its variety of well-maintained playground equipment is accompanied with a little store where you can get ice cream, candy and fries. Additionally, there is enough seating for parents or caregivers. It’s a bit of a hidden gem, meaning it is never too busy!

City Farm Boerderij Daalhoeve

In this cute little city farm, kids can play safely with rabbits, hares, and feed ponies and small goats. Additionally you will find a small playground, a little cafe and farm shop. The farm is located in an old farmhouse from 1936 with traditional cour surrounding stables, and small meadows. This little city farm is loved by the locals, and many people who used to come there as children still do so as adults, now with their children or grandchildren.

Chalet d’n Observant

Looking for a nice place to have a bite to eat, or just a cup of coffee, but don’t want to miss out on seeing as much of Maastricht as you can fit in a day? This is your place to go! This charming restaurant with a fantastic view of the entire city, which can be enjoyed from the terrace. Though the menu card is small, all dishes are home-made and perfect to end a day in the beautiful city and its surrounding nature.


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