8 restaurants to visit in Rotterdam – with your kids!

Visiting Rotterdam restaurants with kids sounds like a tricky situation, given the city’s rough and industrial exterior. In Rotterdam, there is never a dull moment. It is one of the most diverse multicultural cities in the world so you cannot go wrong where ever you go in this city! If you want to grab a bite to eat but cannot decide where to go, we will show you 8 places that are perfect to have fun and enjoy good food with the kids!


One of the best places to be in Crooswijk! You will immediately feel right at home when you walk through the doors! Croos is on the corner of the Paradijslaan and Exercitiestraat. Whether you want to come here for a quick bite or want to enjoy your afternoon here, the vibe is always right! With their marvelous interior, kids corner and of course the food, you are bound to have a good time here!

Ver van hier

Ver van hier is a bookstore and coffee shop for kids. The shop was made out of passion and determination. It is to a place where you can drink your coffee and work in a relaxed setting, but also where your kids can play and read books. It is the perfect place to catch up on some reading or to read books together with the kids!

Juffrouw van Zanten

You know that moment when you want to have breakfast, lunch or even dinner, but you do not want something you eat every day? Say no more, as Juffrouw van Zanten is the place to be! You can play with fun toys with the kids and after playtime, you can enjoy the amazing dishes that the Juffrouw cooks up!

De Berenboot

For over 30 years, Berenboot has been serving meat and fish dishes to its customers. This restaurant is great if you want to eat dinner, but also want to watch a good movie with the kids!

De Pannenkoeken boot

Don’t you just love pancakes? We sure do! De Pannenkoeken boot is a ferry that takes you on a cruise through waters of Rotterdam while you and the kids are stuffing your faces with delicious pancakes!


The owner of Gusto wanted to make a place that was accessible to everyone. Making Italian dishes that will knock your boots off! If you are looking for a place where most dishes are made with organic products, Gusto is the place to be.

Fenix Food Factory

This food court is really a place of wonders! Not only can you eat delicious dishes from different cuisines, but you can also do grocery shopping there. To add to that, the chefs there will show you how you can make the dishes at home! It is the perfect place to learn how to cook different dishes in a fun way with the kids!


This restaurant has one goal and one goal only. To make good food when you are on the go or when you do not have time to cook. Think about this place when you want to go to the park with the kids for example!